5 Steps to Creating a Digital Accessibility strategy

Blind man listening to mobile navigation on a smartphone.
Bind man listening to mobile navigation.

How does your org think about Accessibility?

The pizza chain said companies don’t have to make their websites and apps fully accessible as long as disabled customers have other ways to get the same goods and services, such as a telephone hotline. Ouch!

The ADA “does not demand full accessibility for each and every means of accessing the goods or services a public accommodation provides to the public,” the company argued in its appeal. What matters is the “combined means of access to those goods or services,” Domino’s said. -Bloomberg (October 7, 2019)

Frist, ditch an ‘Accomodations’ Mentality

‘Accommodations’ says, this person (patron, citizen, student, employee, user) has a disability and therefore needs to be accommodated. The Accommodations mentality developed out of the delivery of physical access to spaces or services e.g. Providing a ramp for wheelchair access or giving children more time to complete a computer-based test, in schools for example. In the software example with kids, this basically amounts to offering more time to experience or work through stress, often caused by the lack of accessibility in the technology in the first place!

Note: These steps below are part of what we advocate at Experience Dynamics, and it’s taken us twenty years and much trial and error to refine them in our Accessibility work.

5 Steps to Creating a Digital Accessibility strategy

Checker tools are great, but relying on them solely is dangerous and sloppy, so stop doing it. Everyone does and it’s creating a practice of “CYA (Cover your backside) accessibility”, that removes users from the process — a very foolish way to shoot yourself in the foot.

Webinar- Accessibility Testing: how to correctly evaluate Section 508 for digital accessibility
Frank Spillers CEO of Experience Dynamics



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