by Frank Spillers
CEO/CXO @ Experience Dynamics;

thumbs up icon changing colors white, black, yellow

Slack has a history with inclusive icons. Around 2015, the familiar thumbs-up icon got an inclusion facelift from a product manager at Slack. The decision to offer various skin tones caught on, and has become the Unicode default for emoji inclusive design…

Road signs one says Rule and the other says Exception

by Frank Spillers
CEO/CXO @ Experience Dynamics

No rules?

I recently had a discussion with a colleague (teaching design at a prestigious Art School) about rules in UX Design. I asked what rules UX designers could follow for improving UX, eg: consistency, memorability, ease of use, etc. The response was, “there are…

by Frank Spillers
CEO/CXO @ Experience Dynamics

people’s hands working with pens and mobile design concepts

What is Interaction Design, really??

We often wonder outside our team, how many definitions of Interaction Design are understood by your internal stakeholders? To start, how we define Interaction Design is important because it determines how well you or your team do UX.

If you think Interaction Design(IxD)…

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1. The…

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User Experience Design is making a wider impact in business and government overall than it has in the preceding 40 years. Critical to “updating” the UX field…

by Frank Spillers
CEO/CXO @ Experience Dynamics

Summary: Doing Web and Mobile Accessibility requires that you take a proactive approach, using proven UX research and design methods. This starts with including users with disabilities in any and all Accessibility efforts. …

by Frank Spillers
CEO/CXO @ Experience Dynamics

airplanes 3 going one way a 4th going opposite direction

Summary: Big design shifts can have strategic value over tactical changes or little shifts if done right. When updating or enhancing a UI, it is important to evaluate the true magnitude of your changes. Users get notoriously upset at having to learn new…

man with mask

Summary: Getting personas right can save you a lot of time and avoid common approaches to generating persona nonsense. Personas should point to behaviors, not individuals. Using ‘Associating Adjectives’ can help ground you and reinforce observed behavioral patterns and roles. …

by Frank Spillers
CEO/CXO @ Experience Dynamics

ux workshop

Summary: Design Sprints miss out on a critical data point that can make or break the value generated from the effort. By spiking your first day with actual user research, gathered before the sprint, you can help ground conversations with an Outside-In design…

by Frank Spillers
CEO/CXO @ Experience Dynamics

older woman running

Summary: Fitness tracking is nuanced and even slightly controversial: Do users want to monitor and track (quantify) their behavior and activity? More importantly, does it work to increase motivation and reach health and wellness goals? Our research over the past 5 years has…

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